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Coordinate a League

  • Enjoy New Adventures?
  • Get Rewarded for Your Efforts
  • Larger Crowds=Larger Rewards

Get compensated through player fees. As with other leagues, a match fee is assessed for each player at the start of each match. This fee is retained by you for your efforts in managing the league.

Earn additional compensation from the host establishment. Since you are attracting additional business for them, it is benefitial for them to provide you with additional perks. Each player pays for the table, food, and/or drinks during a match. It's only fair that they treat you right or else you can take your league elsewhere.

Start a League with as few as six players. When word gets around about the play, enjoyment, and cash payout; your numbers will grow. Your customers will become your recruitment machine!

And above all, donít forget: you can make money by playing in your own league and earn cash, along with everyone else!

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